Từ chuyên ngành các bộ phận trên cơ thể Cá Rồng (English)

Ngô Tùng 25/12/2019
Từ chuyên ngành các bộ phận trên cơ thể Cá Rồng (English)

Body Parts & Things to Look Out For 
❑ Arowana Scales should be shining/radiant and complete.
❑ The coloration of the scales should be even and clear.
❑ There should be no decaying scales.
❑ The head should be free of any holes/injuries.
❑ Ratio of its head to its body should be 1:3.
❑ The mouth should close properly with the ends of the top jaw and bottom jaw meeting.
❑ There should be no protrusions, bleeding or pus.
❑ Both barbels should be of equal length, straight and pointing upwards.
❑ Barbels should not have any granule-like particles on them.
❑ All fins should be fully stretched without damages.
❑ Appears translucent without signs of blood clotting at the base.
❑ The colour of the gills should be clear and fresh red.
❑ Breathing should be regular, not irregular/rapid.
Operculum (Gill Flap)    
❑ Operculum should be close to its body and not curled.
❑ Operculum of matured RTG and Crossbacks should appear shiny instead of dull coloured.
❑ Matured red Arowanas should have bright orangey-red, orange or red colours, etc.
❑ Both eyes should be of same sizes and full, not dented or bulging.
❑ Cornea should be bright and clear, not cloudy.
❑ Its vent should be tight, not protruded/swollen or bloody red.

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