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Extrabio - là men vi sinh cho cá cảnh do VIỆN HÀN LÂM KH&CN VIỆT NAM nghiên cứu và phát triển với những công dụng nhanh chóng và lâu dài như:

-Làm trong nước, giảm độc tố

-Khử mùi tanh hôi

-Hạn chế rêu hại

-Cải thiện quá trình hấp thụ thức ăn của cá.

Uses and Instructions for uses Extrabio
+ Treatment of aquaculture environment: Purify water.
+ Inhibit the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria. Reduce odors smell, decompose organic waste.
+ Reduce NH, HS toxins. Enhance oxygen, improve metabolism for fish. Limit moss, no harm to fish.
+ Supplement beneficial microorganisms for the digestive system of shrimps, fishes, and other other farmed aquatic products so that they can absorb nutrients up to the maximum rate, have high survival rate, stay healthy, grow fast, and have good yield.
+ Best suited for Koi fish, Dragon fish, Tiger fish, Sam fish, Arhat fish, Disc fish, Goldfish, Betta fish, Guppies, Ali, Aquatic, Aquatic and Saltwater fish.
Instructions for uses:
+ Treatment of aquaculture environment: To achieve a quick effect, pour (fill) proportionally 1 cap (10ml) / 100-200 liters of water. First use tanks should increase 2-3 times the indicated amount. Shake well before using. Add regularly weekly or after every water change. Aquafeed: Use 100ml of product mixed with 100-150kg of other food. Use 1-2 times a day, use throughout the crop.